Kids rule in the search for easiest to understand scientist

Scientists emerge as star hosts and kids welcome newfound heroes. That is the result of the Science Battle. Elementary schools all around Flanders (Belgium) can sign up to host a Science Battle in their own province.

Grote Finale

Children + Scientists = Magic!

  • The battlefield: 5 elementary schools, 1 per province in Flanders (Belgium)
  • The contestants: 5×5 scientists battling it out against each other
  • Their mission: To claim the trophy for best research presentation
  • The challenge: To convince the audience of kids, because their word is final


Creator and organizer Hans Van de Water (The Floor is Yours): ‘The Science Battle is the only competition on the topic of science where children are in full control. They organize the event, they decide which scientists will be coming to their school, and they ultimately vote for the best presentation.’

The five winners from the different provinces’ Science Battles later participate in the Grand Finale, where we find out which Flemish scientist is able to present his or her research in the most successful way.



What exactly is a Science Battle?

During the first part of the day, five scientists each get 15 minutes to present their research to a group of 1st to 6th grade students. The children’s jury provides feedback and asks questions. Finally, the children vote in favor of their favorite presentation.


The Science Battle in 7 steps

  1. Elementary schools sign up
  2. An expert jury selects five schools, one per province
  3. Scientists sign up
  4. The children invite five scientists to their school
  5. The selected scientists attend a The Floor is Yours master class centered around Presentation Techniques
  6. Science Battles per province (May 8-10, 2017)
  7. The winning scientists battle it out during the Grand Finale (May 12th, 2017) 


Why the Science Battle?

With the Science battle we want to get young minds excited about science. What better way to do this than by bringing science to the schools and allowing students to play the main role. And in doing so, we teach scientists to bring clear and convincing communication.


Grote Finale 13052016 (5)

What is the result?

The children make the scientists into star presenters, who in turn emerge as the kids’ newest heroes. The Science Battle boosts confidence and creativity among each and every person involved.


What is so groundbreaking about the Science Battle?

By allowing children to be in control, we are building a completely new learning environment, not just for the children but also for the scientists. We prove that kids can be the best of coaches for adults.


Science presentations: boring?

The scientists are asked to excite the audience with their presentation. They will be bringing every trick to the table to engage the children and to draw their attention. Showing experiments, inviting kids to the stage, and of course plenty of (inter)action.

Wetenschapsbattle 2015 The Floor is Yours (Hung Trang) (7)

The Science Battle = kiddy science?

Not at all! We challenge scientists to communicate complex ideas in an easy to understand way. And surprisingly enough, these presentations aimed at children are precisely the type of presentations adults would also prefer to see. Even, imagine that, at a scientific conference.


Where did the idea for the Science Battle come from?

In the words of Einstein: ‘If you cannot explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.’ Hans Van de Water came to the conclusion that scientists often have an easier time explaining their research in a clear and convincing manner to an audience with children in the front row.


Do you want to know more about the Science Battle? Please contact us.

The Science Battle (Wetenschapsbattle) is an idea of The Floor is Yours, in collaboration with Mundo (die Keure) and Janssen.

The Floor is Yours mundo Janssen