Who are the five heroes of the Battle of the Scientists 2019?

Who will win the Battle of the Scientists trophy 2019? The children of the International School Leuven and Ghent selected the five most triggering research proposals. Five scientists will present their research at the International School Leuven on Friday 29 March. Will the 100 kids in the audience vote for the presentation on climate change, good bacteria in our mouth, or maybe recyclable plastic?

The scientists

  • Marcella Fernandes de Souza (Ghent University): From grass to gas… and beyond!
  • Ioanna Chatzigiannidou (Ghent University): The battle inside our mouth: ‘Good’ Vs ‘Bad’ bacteria
  • Christian Taplan (Ghent University): Make more plastic recyclable
  • Laurent Lemmens (SCK-CEN – KU Leuven): Determining the location of a waste disposal
  • Bianca Drepper (KU Leuven): Climate Change – is it become too warm for apples and pears?

What’s next?

The kids of both international schools are now preparing themselves to become jury member, time keeper or presenter.

The five scientists will follow the Masterclass Presentation Techniques, given by The Floor is Yours on February 20. They will learn how to tell a compelling story that will have the young audience hanging from their lips. They will also receive body language advice and learn how to create appealing slides.

About the Battle of the Scientists

The Battle of the Scientist is a competition in which 5 scientists present their research to a room filled with children at a primary school. The children organise the battle themselves and vote for the winning presentation. Learn more about the Battle of the Scientists.