Ready for the experience of a lifetime?

In 2021 we will not organise a Battle of the Scientists. Please register to stay up to date.

Why would you participate?

As a scientist, you know how important it is to be able to communicate your research in a clear and convincing manner. Not only to experts, but also to a broad audience. This brings more support, useful feedback, new connections, but could also establish increased financial support. But where can you learn how to do this? At the Battle of the Scientists, of course!

Presenting to an audience of kids is your ultimate training school. Let us prepare you for this in our free Masterclass Presentation Techniques.

If the children understand the specific topic you are talking about, no doubt that the other people will understand you as well.

Yixing Sui, winner 2018

Who can participate?

The Battle of the Scientists is open to all non-Dutch-speaking scientists and researchers that are affiliated with a university, college, company or research institute located in Flanders (Belgium) or Brussels. Participants can range from any field of research: we welcome engineers, physics, anthropologists, …

If you are a Dutch-speaking reseacher, then you can register for ‘de Wetenschapsbattle’.

Should you be a natural performer to participate?

Not at all. But it is important, when signing up, that you are able to put down in words what makes your research so interesting. The kids will be selecting the top five of these submissions beforehand. In our Masterclass we will help you to transform your story into a powerful presentation.

A wonderful experience!!! I wouldn’t hesitate a minute to try again in the following years!

Frydas Alexandros

What can you expect from the Masterclass Presentation Techniques?

Presentation coaches Hans Van de Water and Toon Verlinden from The Floor is Yours will help you tell a compelling story that will have this young audience hanging from your lips. You will learn how to handle your nerves, receive body language advice from us and learn how to create appealing slides. The Masterclass is very interactive and will focus on your research.

What can you win?

The winner of the Battle of the Scientists will go home with a trophy from the jury and hero status for life. The trophies are designed by the children themselves.

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